Fly Away, Fly Away is the fourth episode in Season 2.


Alison finds a clue that could have lead to Mona killing CeCe, and she gives it to the Liars to investigate. After, The Liars find a letter on the ground under CeCe's house. It says "Secret meeting place. 2816 Lodge Rd. -Cc". Sarita drives the Liars to the location, by then it is night time. She refuses to respond any questions they ask. They walk in, all except for Josh, and Sarita closes the door and locks it. She then says "You knew too much" and pushes Josh off the cliff into the lake. The screams from The Liars can be heard half way across the world. Sam breaks down the door and meanwhile Jenna is on the phone with the police. They arrive a minute later, and Sarita is taken into the police car and they drive away. They are screaming now. Mona is crazy, and now Josh is dead. Who will be next?


  • Sarita admits to writing that fake "Cc" message.


Sarita is at Radley Sanitarium.

Doctor: Why did you kill Josh Redyian?

Sarita: I was ordered to.

Doctor: By who?

Sarita: The night of the fire at Jenna's house, I came to see what was happening, and a figure in a black hoodie, wearing a mask pulled me aside. It was wearing a mask. It dropped a piece of paper on the ground and left. When I looked at it, I was blackmailed into killing Josh. If I didn't, it would kill me.

Doctor: How would you do that? He was your boyfriend!

Sarita: I had to do what I had to do.

Sarita is in her room at Radley Sanitarium

Doctor: Sarita, you have a visitor.

  • A girl in a Red Coat enters*

Sarita: I did everything you asked me to do.

  • episode ends*