C is for C-R-A-Z-Y is the first episode of Season 2. It is the season 2 premiere. Short episode.


It shows The Liars back at the scene after Mona falls down the cliff. Clara is in tears.


The next scene shows Mona on the ground, she opens one eye. She survived the fall. The Liars then hear sirens toward the bottom of the cliff, so they drive down the mountain to find Mona there. They explain the whole 'C' thing with Mona and they take her in the car.

The next scene shows Mona in a sanitarium. She confessed to everything.

After that: Someone says "Mona, you have a visitor" and someone in a red coat enters and Mona says. "I've done everything you've asked me to do".

The Liars are happy thinking that Mona is gone. But they find a DVD in Mona's mailbox, they play it, and it shows CeCe talking to someone, and then the camera drops and CeCe's hand is shown on the floor, and she is dead.

They can't figure out who she was with. Their phones then begin to buzz. They check it. "The game isn't over yet. Game on bitches. -Cc", and at that point, everyone looks at eachother and Jenna begins to have a panic attack.

The episode ends.